A Robbery of Intellect

by Moot Booxlé

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Take a little trip through the brain of Moot Booxlé...

This EP was created in one sitting on April 10, 2011. Nothing was written down whatsoever - every word and note was completely improvised on the spot. I went back after the fact and punched in a few flubbed lines, fixed some bad notes, and overdubbed other instruments/voices, but for the most part the performance you hear is exactly as it went down.

I didn't set out to make an 80's-sounding project...but that's exactly what happened.


released April 13, 2011

All music and songs by Moot Booxlé 2011.
Arranged, recorded, performed, mixed and mastered by Moot Booxlé at Moot Booxlé Studios.

Moot proudly uses IK Multimedia software.



all rights reserved


Moot Booxlé Florida

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Track Name: A Robbery of Intellect
Faster than a speeding bullet
and louder than a gun
stuck like a hair trigger
nothing's getting done

if you think that you're going nowhere
nowhere's where you're at
and if you really can't do that
and if you really can't deal with that

go home
go home
go home
go home

dumber than a box of rocks
thrown from the second floor
sweeter than a box of chocolates
that you bought at some expensive store

take em back
I don't want em
I can't eat sweets anyway
take em back
I don't need them
gimme my money anyway

older than the oldest ocean
deeper than the deepest sea
smaller than the smallest tributary of a river next to me

take it back
I don't want it
I'm on dry land don't you understand
take it back
I don't need it
I drink my water from a can
it comes from a can

oh can I have your attention please
there's been a robbery
can I have your attention please
there's been a robbery
a robbery of intellect
a robbery of intellect

and I don't know
who this is for
who this is for
but you'll get yours
Track Name: Revenge
remember that time when you were five
you thought you wouldn't make it out alive
remember that time when you were six
fell downstairs in a pile of sticks
you were always falling down
cause you weren't fast on your feet
other kids liked to come up to you and push you down in the street

well I know
how long it's going to be
before you make them see
what they did to you and how long it's gonna take till you do something back I


revenge is coming soon
you're gonna send them packages
with instructions on how to go to the moon
gonna mail them all to the moon
with enough MRE's to last them a week
you're gonna mail them all to the moon
with enough MRE's to last them a week
what they gonna do after that?
who cares?
Track Name: What You Ought To Do
well listen here all you little kids
I don't wanna hear none of your lip
you know it ain't gonna do any good
I got my mind on what I think you should
and not do
I got the whole thing planned out in my head
one's gonna be a lawyer
the other gonna pre-med
you're gonna make X thousand dollars a year
and you're gonna marry women cause I don't want no queer
gonna have two and a half children
one's gonna have a dog
the other is kinda like a cat person
so he's gonna have a cat
that looks like a dog
treat it like a dog
and feed it dog food
that's what you ought to do
that's what you ought to do
that's what you ought to do
that's what you ought to do

I can see the whole thing in my mind
I can see the whole thing in my mind
I can see the whole thing in my mind

I can see the whole thing going sour.....
I can see the whole thing going south for the winter
like a bunch of birds....
Track Name: For Sale
do you realise how serious this is?
this is a life or death matter and I'm gonna take it serious
everything I say's gonna make a whole lotta sense
so you better be taking notes my friend

well first of all there's gonna be a great big sale at Costco's
but you're not supposed to go
cause when you check out
they're going to give you a stamp on your hand
and you're not gonna be able to wash it off for a week
that stamp is gonna say I'm a sucker
cause I fell for the sale of Gravity
that's right folks Gravity's free with the purchase of a basketball
gravity's free with your purchase of a TV
try to put that thing up on your shelf it's gonna fall
and if you didn't get the extended warranty you're out of luck
so good luck with you
wish I hadn't told you
it would've been funny to see how many people got mad and tried to sue
but they got it all locked up in litigation
they know what they're doing
screwing mom & pop America
with the Walmarts and the Costcos and the Sams Clubs
they're making all their money off of us
the Federal Government could learn a thing or two
from watching them in action all the things they do
they make us give them our money
we just give em give em give em our money all day long.

I'm sorry bout that lamp I broke that time when I was running in the hall
I'm sorry bout that lamp I broke that time when I was playing basketball in the

I'm sorry bout that time that I spilled iodine on the carpet
I had a big cut on my knee and it hurt real bad
and I thought that would make it better
but I was wrong I guess
when all it did was make this big ugly pink place in the carpet
Track Name: Burglars
it's not the end of the world that I wanna go to bed
I'll be back tomorrow
please don't freak out and think I'm mad
I have to do this once in awhile to recharge my batteries
oh you robots don't have to worry
you can go as long as you please
but I'm not one of you and I'll never be
I require rest and nutrition
and rest and relaxation
leisure time
my hobbies are racing jaguars
while kitties and doggies look on from their kennels
they eat Fancy Feast and Beggin Strips
only the best for my feline - canine spectators
I want them to feel comfortable
so I always do this indoors in my neighbour's living room
my neighbour's never home and my neighbour hates my guts anyway
I sneak in through the back window that I figured out how to open
there's something wrong with the mechanism
you just lift it right up
when I have to bring equipment in
I slip through the back lanai
made a slit in the screen and move on in
I'm hoping there's no burglars
I'm hoping there's no burglars
no burglars in a 50 mile radius of me
in a 50 mile radius of me
go away
go back to burgle-land and burgle yourself to death.