Step Inside My Mind

by Moot Booxlé

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golgi__ consciousness streams are great ; ) Favorite track: Step By Step (Detour).
Shrekian thumbnail
Shrekian I found my way here from a /mu/ thread. Honestly, I only clicked on it because it had a cool album art...and boy, was I in for a treat. Moot really knows what hes doing, and I'm happy I took a tour of his head. Favorite track: Step By Step (Detour).
Raphael Goulart
Raphael Goulart thumbnail
Raphael Goulart "I stepped inside the mind of Moot. I enjoyed it. A lot." -Lukas Eriksson
Every song in this was composed, performed and produced pretty well, and the singing is also really great. Well, for short everything in this album is really great lol moot did a very nice job at every single song
Also, this is the first album I ever bought :D Favorite track: Professional Opinions.
Savestate thumbnail
Savestate Wow, this is absolutely AMAZING
Everything is so well laid out and smooth and FUNK MAN O: O: O: Favorite Track: Professional Opinions. Second Favorite track: Truth And Lies.
beardy thumbnail
beardy Moot's always been a great artist, but this right here is the magnum opis (so far) of what he can do. The production value, the listenablity, the technicality of it all really is stunning. I don't normally buy albums, but I certainly had to do it here. Favorite track: Step By Step (Detour).
Reboot thumbnail
Reboot And another album hits up on my favorite artist, Step Inside My Mind!
I recommend you this album. It calms you down on your stress, and also gives you a nice evening. Favorite track: About Time (To Get Up).


This is the most personal music I have ever created. It is the culmination of over 15 years of "hitting record and seeing what happens"...Each song on this album began as a studio improvisation. The vast majority of it is first takes, and in those that have been revised and improved, I took great care to keep the spontaneous spirit intact.
Never before have I so fully realized on a recording the processes that happen in my mind when I create music. This is a direct connection from my brain to your ears so please, be my guest...
Step inside my mind.


released June 6, 2014

Step Inside My Mind
by Moot Booxlé
Recorded April 2013 - May 2014 at Moot Booxlé Studio A
All songs composed, played, sung, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Moot Booxlé.

Instruments used:
Drums: Rogers, Gretsch, and Remo acoustic drums. Oberheim DMX and Logic EXS24 electronic drums. Zildjian and Paiste cymbals. Various percussion instruments.
Keys: Rhodes Suitcase 73, Modular Synthesizer, Nord Lead 2x, MTI Analog String Ensemble, NI Monark, Logic EXS24.
Guitars/Bass: Musicvox Spaceranger, Musicvox Space-Inator Prototype "Strataspear", Yamaha BB450 bass.
Other: Voice, Electro-Harmonix Small Stone and V256, Seymour Duncan Twin Tube, National GA920P Amplifier, Roland JC-120 Amplifier.
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered in Apple Logic Pro 9.


all rights reserved



Moot Booxlé Florida

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Track Name: You've Arrived
Welcome back to life
I've been waiting for you
Feels like it's been 10 years or more
And I hope you know that I always believed in you
I knew you'd find your way
I've waited a long time
Now finally you've arrived

I've always thought you were a special person
But you've suppressed it so much
for so long
You kept it hidden
Kept it back
But now it's time to come out with the truth
One one one one
One of these days here
Is gonna make sense
Make sense
Make sense

You're on the precipice
Right on the cusp of success
You cannot give up now
It would be a tragedy
It would be a crime
A crime against humanity
You're about to show them who you are.
Track Name: Step By Step (Detour)
Step by step by step by step
He walks toward the edge
If he keeps on walking
He keeps on walking
Once he gets to the edge
He's gonna jump off. off
Off into the wild blue
Off into the wild blue yonder
How exciting, how incredible
No he's not he's gonna hit his head on the side of the bridge

All I'm saying is that this could be your scenario
All I'm saying is that you never know, you never know
Yeah you've had some sort of mishap
Things didn't go like you planned
But do they ever?
Track Name: Relaxinadream
Let me relax you for awhile.
Let me take you someplace where you can rest awhile
Inside of a dream.

Dreams come true, yes they do.
Just relax and find a place where you can lay back and enjoy the view.
The scenery is quite nice with you in the clouds.
Let me fly you around.

It's all in a dream.
Anything is possible.
You just have to believe.
Just glide on the wings of a dream.

That's right, relax a while.
Relax a while.
Take a moment to relax a while.
Track Name: About Time (To Get Up)
Be careful 'bout the time you're taking
Take too long
You might take too much time
Something that'd take too long
Be careful 'bout the time you're taking, my son

Somebody might mistake you for someone who has no time
But in all honesty, you know that you're the keeper of the key
You got the time, you got the time
You guessed it
It's time for me to go
And leave you alone
Let you tend to business on the phone

Time is sweet when it's on your side
But it's never on your side
So it's never so sweet
(I just like the idea)
Time is sweet when it's on your side
But it's never on your side
So it ain't sweet
I just like the idea

How much do you really do?
What do you contribute to society which we live in?
Do you live all your life about you
Do you think about other people?
Do you think about their needs, their wants, what they haven't got?
Maybe you got some extra you could lend them
To get them through the hard times

Everybody needs a leg up, just a leg up, a leg up
Not a handout, just a leg up, a leg up, just a leg up
Just a leg up
It ain't a handout
Come on, I'm giving you a leg up
So you can get up with me, Moot Booxle.
Get up, get up with Moot.
Track Name: Professional Opinions
Are you sure it's really worth it
All this pandering, meandering
Are you playing to your audience
Or has everyone tuned you out?
Change the channel, don't you go back
Don't touch that dial ladies and gentlemen
It could be hazardous to your health
Nobody wants to let you know
They don't really care about you though

Everybody wants a piece of what I've got here
But no one really wants to pay the price
Everybody thinks the things I do are easy
But nobody really sees the parts that aren't so nice
Oh, I have to suffer for my art just like everybody else
Nothing comes for free
But if you look at me
You might think differently
But it's all smoke and mirrors
Just an illusion of professionalism
To make everything look smooth
Everything look good
The way it should

Did you ever see a scarecrow in the middle of a snowstorm?
He don't look too happy, does he?
There's no crows to scare off
Nobody to watch him do his job
It's a thing that we call laziness
When in fact it's just a lack of anything to do,
Oh why
In the United States of America
Do we look down on those who don't have a job
Or a place to live
Or a car
Or a fancy, fancy name
Or a talent
Everybody here looks the same
If you never travel outside of your four walls
If you never meet anyone except the people that you stay around
You'll never learn about life, no you won't
No, you'll never learn anything about the world that you're living in.
Track Name: Truth And Lies
It's so easy to tell a lie
I can understand why so few people tell the truth
Some people do it like they're breathing
It just rolls off their tongue

I'm one of them that tries to tell the truth
Even if I know it's gonna hurt me real bad
I don't mind to tell the truth at any cost
But sometimes I lie because I'm human

It's so easy to tell a fib
Cause you think that you can get away with it
You don't understand it at all
You're just telling a lie with a different name
Some people think that there's a shred of truth in every lie
But I don't believe that
Even if you try to mix in a little truth it's still a lie
Even if you try to mix in a little truth you still have told a lie

Even if you always tell the truth
There's a time and a place to tell it
There's no need to tell your life story
To anyone, everyone, anyone that you meet
Don't you know what I mean?
Don't you know what I mean?
Surely you do
Surely you do know the reason behind
Telling the truth instead of a lie
Surely you do know the benefits of having integrity
That's a pretty big word to use

I don't care if what you say isn't always everything
Everything that it's cracked up to be
Insinuation, suggestions and questions
Leaving everything open to interpretation
I don't know what you call the truth
But I think that I understand what I do
I don't go round telling none of my business to everyone
But I will tell it to the ones I love
I don't go round sharing my business with the world
It ain't none of theirs and I don't wanna hear theirs as well
Oh no no no no no….
Track Name: Never Too Late
Friend or foe, enemy, I don't care what you are to me
If you've never said a kind word
It's never too late to start
Somebody really needs you
They're hurting inside of their heart
So if you've never said a kind word
If you've never encouraged anyone
Well it's never too late
I said it's never too late
It's never too late to start
How about now?
Would be a good time

See a need and fill it
Be like water
Fit through every crack, don't leave no open spaces
To let hate in
It's so true that life is shorter than you ever dreamed
Here I am staring at 30, feeling like I'm 20
Except when I get up in the morning
Except when I look in the mirror
I see the age, I see the years
I feel the results of all those tears
But I wouldn't go back for nothing
Oh, there's nothing you could pay me to take it all back now
Everything that I've done and everything that's been done to me
Has made me who I am right now
And I think that's who I'm supposed to be.
Right here, right now
Right here, right now
Right here, oh even now I am changing, changing for the better.

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